A downloadable game for Windows

You are a messenger and must reach the hero to warn him that the princess was kidnapped. In order to do that, you must survive the many dangers and pitfalls to be able to carry the message to its destination.

It's basically a sidescroller platformer where your character is always running and you play with only 2 buttons, to jump and interact with things. Whenever you hit a wall, you change direction.

We didn't make many stages for the GBJAM version, but we intend to make more later.

Art by Lucas Augusto

Programming by Gustavo Freitas

Music by Carlos Pazuzu, check out his work on Soundcloud

Sound Effects by Mark Sparling, check out his work on Soundcloud

Install instructions

Just open the executable file and play :D


PAPR_Boy_-_DONE.exe 2 MB


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Quite short game, but I really like how you used the mechanics. I felt there was definitely more room between one level and the other towards the end, but I understand it was a game jam and time was short. I really liked how you used the wall jump in a way that felt different from previous runners like that. Good job!